My name is Gemma. I am haunted by what I cannot have, and while I make every effort not to let this define who I am, this has become a space where I explore some of that longing. I am, after all, an aesthete.

I adore gothic and shiny things, and I covet beauty in its frighteningly many forms: classical, glamourous and erotic.

'Yes, the backdrop and flash are dire. I do not know how to pose, my bedroom is a sorry place to try and take self-portraits, and I'm using an eight-year-old, point-and-click camera on a self-timer (and even worse, a Samsung Galaxy Y for the shot of my leggings). Oh, and I hid my hair because it's 10:30pm after a 100-mile round trip commute. But I don't care - my Beetlejuice dress and leggings by Lady Violet Love arrived from the U.S. today and I am pretty darned happy.

And besides - I’m not going to be able to pull off the look quite like Kassandra Love, but as she’s already demonstrating a newer version of the dress in gobsmacking style anyway, who am I to get in the way?


Thanks, Violet! I hope I get the opportunity to show this dress off properly very soon.

Meanwhile, linkage - because her work is awesome: